It Is Not Freedom to Become Like Your Oppressor

Men, failing to exercise self-discipline for thousands of years, have been unfit to be priests, prophets, and kings in the Earth. Many have carried those titles, but few have borne the mantle. As the women have watched these men carry on as such barbarians, they incited a cous against the divine hierarchy, and rightly so.Continue reading “It Is Not Freedom to Become Like Your Oppressor”

KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE: Part 2- The True New Covenant

Most of you have unresolved anger against the words of truth because of the failure of your past leaders to walk it out. They had not been the word made flesh themselves, yet they proclaimed that word unto you. I had to walk away from the pulpit and the church entirely, in order to beContinue reading “KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE: Part 2- The True New Covenant”

“In Sickness and in Health” Is NOT Love

I have neglected my body in many ways, mainly because I came from Heaven down, and I was never that concerned with Earthly things. My mission, however, is to manifest Heaven in Earth, and that requires a healthy body This Friday will be the twenty-ninth anniversary of my being on dialysis. No one who hasContinue reading ““In Sickness and in Health” Is NOT Love”

KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 1: Sabbath Observance

The word Sabbath actually only means rest. However, must who participate in some sort of Sabbath observance never truly enter into the rest, because they only do no servile work. They continue to work their lusts, appetites, and desires, and these silence the voice of the Divine within all of us. I don’t relish theContinue reading “KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 1: Sabbath Observance”

Your Freedom Isn’t Free

I began my journey as the abolitionist with the mindset that manumission was just gaining freedom from the religion, politics, and education I had been indoctrinated into. I thought that in shedding all their rules, I was FREE to fuck every woman who was sexually attracted to me. This was the pseudo-freedom I was preachingContinue reading “Your Freedom Isn’t Free”

Except You Enter In By The Door, You Are a Thief and a Robber

My friends, this is that generation of which it was spoken “men shall be lovers of themselves and money”. However, the self men are lovers of is the egoistic self. The True Self, the I AM presence that knows no separation from It which causes to exist, and is well acquainted with Heaven in Earth,Continue reading “Except You Enter In By The Door, You Are a Thief and a Robber”

Will You Be Made Whole?

The Shema, an ancient affirmation of the Hebrew culture, declares “Shema Yisra’el. Adonai Eloheinu. Adonai Echad. W’ahav’ta Adonai Eloheykha B’khal l’vav’kha uv’khal- naf’sh’kha uv’khal-m’odkha.” This literally translates to “Listen he who has strived with God and prevailed. It which causes to exist our power; It which causes to exist is one. And you shall loveContinue reading “Will You Be Made Whole?”

The Attachment of Connection

at·tach·ment /əˈtaCHmənt/ noun noun: attachment; plural noun: attachments affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something. “she felt a sentimental attachment to the place” an affectionate relationship between two people. “he formed an attachment with a young widow” con·nec·tion /kəˈnekSH(ə)n/ noun noun: connection; plural noun: connections; noun: connexion; plural noun: connexions a relationship in whichContinue reading “The Attachment of Connection”

The Power of Agreement

On retreat with Ascended Master Serapis Bey, who is the grand architect and master builder, he initiated me into a greater mystery of the 4 year, and its relationship to spiritual marriage and the New Earth. While the institution of marriage in the present, fallen system is one of human control, the true, Heavenly marriageContinue reading “The Power of Agreement”

When a Man (Divine Masculine) Loves a Woman (Divine Feminine) While I know there is a growing, righteous disdain for religion, too many have missed out on many precious truths because their hate for the church has blinded them to the mysteries contained within Biblical text. Of those records called the Gospels, John is actually the only one I give credence to, because whileContinue reading “When a Man (Divine Masculine) Loves a Woman (Divine Feminine)”

Be Sober (Pay Attention), For Your Adversary Roams Around As a Roaring Lion Seeking Whom He May Devour

Elohim is a Hebrew word, erroneously translated as the very modern term God. Elohim, however, is a plural word, which directly translates as powers (multiple), or collective of divine beings. Though the first presence of this word in the Hebrew mythos (which is not equivalent to fairy tale), known to most of you as TheContinue reading “Be Sober (Pay Attention), For Your Adversary Roams Around As a Roaring Lion Seeking Whom He May Devour”

God is Love, and Love is Exclusively Divine

Though this is originally meant to be an indictment against this society, this is as it is supposed to be. As a Divine Masculine being, I AM unconditional love. When I have found myself, I AM able to be the prophet I AM. A provider is indeed a prophet, as the word means to seeContinue reading “God is Love, and Love is Exclusively Divine”

Do You Know Yourself or Do You Know Only Who Have Been Taught To Be?

I remember being in love as a first grader. My mother and father both told me, at different times, that I could not love the girl, for I did not know her. That lesson has stuck with me throughout my entire lifetime. This knowledge has played an important role in my realization of self-love. ItContinue reading “Do You Know Yourself or Do You Know Only Who Have Been Taught To Be?”

Is It Faith or Foolishness?

How many of you have ever been admonished to believe patterns not potential or promises? Do you know that it is frequency and synchronicity, which are patterns, that lead to mastery? The religious concept of faith has had you waiting on some other lord to come save you for about two thousand years or more.Continue reading “Is It Faith or Foolishness?”

Why I AM Not Celebrating Kwanzaa

My ultimate mission as a sentient being is Tikkun Olam, which is the correction, restoration, and healing of The All. I recognize, however, that true Tikkun Olam is actually just Tikkun Nephesh of the collective. Tikkun Nephesh is the correction, restoration, and healing of the Soul: the self. It is imperative that all recognize thereContinue reading “Why I AM Not Celebrating Kwanzaa”

Self-Love and the Freedom of Personal Identity

In this culture, most attempt to view gender and sex interchangeably, while they are not synonymous. Your gender is determined by others at your inception, without your consent. Your sex, however, is something you must determine yourself. This society has a tendency to make too many things matters of sex and sexuality that are notContinue reading “Self-Love and the Freedom of Personal Identity”

Your Significance is in Your Knowledge

Most of your problems are that you are not that which you feel you are supposed to be because of what society has told you. You are not fathers, yet you want to become fathers, and you wait for children to be born to validate you. Either you are a father or you aren’t, andContinue reading “Your Significance is in Your Knowledge”

Seeing Yourself in Another Requires the Eye of the Soul

I know we want to not need others, but that is not from the divine space of the soul. The ego, from the place of brokenness, experienced in needing people who were not bringing us to our divine realities, takes us into arrogance instead of self-love. The ego is chaotic by nature because everything isContinue reading “Seeing Yourself in Another Requires the Eye of the Soul”

The Temporal Wealth of The Ethereal

Lightworkers, understand that there are actually multiple streams of income within your root chakra that will free you up from exerting so much high frequency energy about your third eye chakra. The root is to the crown as earth is to heaven. You don’t have to be drained so often. Learn to monetize your talentsContinue reading “The Temporal Wealth of The Ethereal”

When a Story of Two Lovers Becomes a Religion

What if I told you Ēl was not THE Creator, and Yisra’ēl was never an actual geographical place prior to Friday, May 14, 1948? In fact, Ēl was only a God in the sense that he was a divine masculine being, and Yisra’ēl was his divine FEMININE partner and bride. As much dissent there isContinue reading “When a Story of Two Lovers Becomes a Religion”

The Loyalty of the Soul; The Disloyalties of the Ego

There is nothing more loyal than your soul. Your soul is your highest self. Your soul is like a dog. No matter what you do, your soul will never forsake you. Your soul protects you and only seeks your highest good. Imagine a family dog with a child. When that dog sees the baby headedContinue reading “The Loyalty of the Soul; The Disloyalties of the Ego”

The First Book of Sahaquiel- The Gospel of the 3 Lion’s Gate

Most people have no idea what true freedom is, therefore every time an abolitionist comes into those people’s lives, they will attempt to “escape” eventually. Understand that real liberty creates order, not chaos. The ego, in its longing for reconnection, still is bound by itself. It will have you thinking you are satisfying your soul,Continue reading “The First Book of Sahaquiel- The Gospel of the 3 Lion’s Gate”

The Cycle of Perversion

I learned last week in the hospital that waking an astral traveler interrupts the raising of global frequencies. “Let a sleeping dog lie” is more than just a quirky cliche. Humanity’s attempts to control nature are just breeding chaos. Fortunately, chaos is necessary for the new beginning we long for to be born. Yet still,Continue reading “The Cycle of Perversion”

The _____ Of Your Dreams

And all the time, this entire life has been, is, and always will be entirely The God/Universe I AM experiencing Itself fully to research, understand, and master self. Yes, I do encounter devils (adversaries) in human form. I had to learn how to cast out the intolerable demons I AM. Demon possession is really nothingContinue reading “The _____ Of Your Dreams”

The Earth is Unsettled

I have been explaining to people for some time that Biblical “prophecy” isn’t a message from a God in heaven, but a message from the Goddess Gaia. The navi’im (prophets/spokespersons) of old were men and women who maintained an intimate connection to Mother Earth, and used their knowledge of science and nature, and the powerContinue reading “The Earth is Unsettled”

You Are Not Responsible For Their Comfort

How many of you have seen the 2008 film “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” starring Martin Lawrence? When it first came out, I loved it. When I saw it recently, I hated it. It represented to me the confinement of familiarity often experienced amongst family and longtime “friends”. I understand Bianca was rather pretentious, but IContinue reading “You Are Not Responsible For Their Comfort”

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

There are imposters who have sought out many to extort money from. I have seen many, masquerading as priests of Ifa, pursuing the inept under the guise of imaginary curses, and those who are ignorant of their own power are being duped into spending money with these supposed practitioners, trying to gain protection, healing, andContinue reading “Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing”

Stop Sacrificing Your Soul

Martyrdom and sacrifice are the inventions of those who seek to enslave the gods. They created the concepts to rob you of your self-sufficiency. You are the true and living God, and your kingdom is within you. Love is not laying your life down for your friends. Love is accepting yourself as perfect without expectation,Continue reading “Stop Sacrificing Your Soul”