KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 4: What is Worship?

Religion; from the Latin “religio”, meaning “to bind”. Fallen humanity, under the spell of the old serpent and the Cabal, believes their God is some unseen being in a Heaven far beyond the stars. The truth is that God is wholly within the sentient beings in Earth, who are incarnate to subdue and have dominionContinue reading “KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 4: What is Worship?”

Can You Hear Me Now?

Was it just a lucky guess when Marcion of Synope (under the pseudonym Paul of Tarsus) wrote to Timotheus “You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient toContinue reading “Can You Hear Me Now?”

The Choice is Yours. Choose the Kingdom.

It’s here: a moment the workers of light have been awaiting for a long time. The last time the frequency of the day was 444 was April 22, 2011 yet it was not at all a day as this one. Today is the first of the three 444 days (April 13 and April 22) inContinue reading “The Choice is Yours. Choose the Kingdom.”

The Trinity of the I AM That I AM

This IS NOT Jehovah. Nor is it Yahweh or Yahuwah. The tetragrammaton, presented to you to be the name of God, is actually an unpronounceable word from the Hebrew-Aramaic language. It is a series of four vowel sounds, Yod-Hay-Vod-Hay, that is, quite literally, two full breaths. The yod is an inhale, followed by an exhaleContinue reading “The Trinity of the I AM That I AM”

Overcoming the Shadow of Lust

Remember that the shadow is the disruption of the light. When you are led by sensual pleasure, it is temporal, and opens you up to wicked influences. There is no real magick in sex, exclusive of Divine Oneness. When The Two become One, manifestation happens. You all are out here perverting your Heavenly treasures tryingContinue reading “Overcoming the Shadow of Lust”

KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE: Part 3- Why Eternal Life?

Those that teach you to live only in the moment oppose the Kingdom of God within you. At your innermost being, you are Christ, the one anointed to rule the eternal Kingdom. A kingdom only exists as long as the king lives. Your idea of living in the moment is the gratification of your carnalContinue reading “KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE: Part 3- Why Eternal Life?”

To the Bride, the Daughters, and the Sisters

Who told you you weren’t beautifulThat you forgot how the Father adores you?That you think self love is to see yourself as prettyBut only by viewing your outside differently?You still have to heal Babygirl.You still have to healBecause you are only pretty as revenge.You are narcissistic nowBecause you got tired of the liesThe lies thatContinue reading “To the Bride, the Daughters, and the Sisters”

Your Trials Only Come to Make You Strong

The negative is not to be dwelled in, just like the darkness isn’t, but the positive charge isn’t conducted except it is grounded by the negative charge. I hear so many speak of being tired of being strong, but baby, the race is given to those endure to the end. It takes strength to notContinue reading “Your Trials Only Come to Make You Strong”

Love’s Call Is Not For the Faint of Heart

Men give to women in hopes of getting something tangible, and soon. Devils give to women, manipulating the carnal desires of the women, just so they can devour them. Gods, however, are so beyond all of that. A God KNOWS the woman better than she knows herself, and better than any man, woman, or devilContinue reading “Love’s Call Is Not For the Faint of Heart”

Celebrating Evolution

This isn’t a piece about Darwin, nor his theory of evolution. Not in the least. Though, some of his exposition could be applied to this matter at hand. I AM actually revealing important truths about the natural evolution of sentient beings, which is so often impeded by institutions and their rules. Institutions such as medical,Continue reading “Celebrating Evolution”

Love’s Revelation Postlude: Love Wins

Champions are those who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen realm, whether it be sports, arts, politics, or human rights. The “highest” of the four olamat (worlds) which make up etz ha’chaim (the tree of life) is Atzilut. Atzilut is the world of emanation, where all that is outwardly expressed is but the fullnessContinue reading “Love’s Revelation Postlude: Love Wins”

Love’s Revelation Episode 5: The Glory of Love

Let me begin by saying God is love. Thus, love is God. Not God from the patriarchal view of religion, but God as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in One. The godhead is the balance of God and Goddess. So, maybe it is more accurate to say “godhead is love”. Then what is the gloryContinue reading “Love’s Revelation Episode 5: The Glory of Love”

Love’s Revelation Episode 4: The Patience of Love

When you hear the word “patience” what comes to mind? I think it’s acceptable to say that the average individual thinks of waiting. Waiting is THE MOST difficult thing for the ego. However, the way I view waiting as an aspect of patience is much different from what most people perceive when waiting is discussed.Continue reading “Love’s Revelation Episode 4: The Patience of Love”

Love’s Revelation Episode 3: The Covering of Love

It is said that love covers a multitude of sins. But what does this mean actually? Is it that love keeps sin a secret? That it attempts to hide sin from the public eye? I feel it behooves us to examine the Biblical text from which this is derived. Therefore, since Christ suffered in theContinue reading “Love’s Revelation Episode 3: The Covering of Love”

Love’s Revelation Episode 2: The Correction of Love

I feel it is necessary, at this point, for us to distinguish what love TRULY is from what love has been counterfeited to be. Love, as understood by the ancients, is an impenetrable force. Love is the highest frequency of The Universe. This is why the Romans later espoused the concept of “God is love”.Continue reading “Love’s Revelation Episode 2: The Correction of Love”

Love’s Revelation Episode 1: The Acceptance of Love

Love is wholly Divine. Love is also acceptance of the Divine. Before I had seen the True Heaven for myself, it was asinine to me that any would say they choose hell over Heaven. This is because the only concept of Heaven they had was the counterfeit as painted by Christianity. I have gone throughContinue reading “Love’s Revelation Episode 1: The Acceptance of Love”

Be Servants of One Another

At the point of separation of the strengths opposite (עֵזֶר כְּנֶגְדּוֹ- erroneously translated help meet), none of us were complete. Yes, you must be complete in yourself, first, as אִישׁ or אִשָּׁה (man or woman), but that is not completion. That is not the fullness of healing and restoration. The fullness of such is אדםContinue reading “Be Servants of One Another”

Love’s Revelation Prelude: Love Heals

To the Christian (and even to many non-religious individuals) 1 Corinthians chapter 13 of the Bible is the “ultimate” instruction on love. Did you know that, as true as it is, 1 Corinthians 13 contains only a minute portion of what love is, and probably not one of the most essential components of love? ReadContinue reading “Love’s Revelation Prelude: Love Heals”

It Is Not Freedom to Become Like Your Oppressor

Men, failing to exercise self-discipline for thousands of years, have been unfit to be priests, prophets, and kings in the Earth. Many have carried those titles, but few have borne the mantle. As the women have watched these men carry on as such barbarians, they incited a cous against the divine hierarchy, and rightly so.Continue reading “It Is Not Freedom to Become Like Your Oppressor”

KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE: Part 2- The True New Covenant

Most of you have unresolved anger against the words of truth because of the failure of your past leaders to walk it out. They had not been the word made flesh themselves, yet they proclaimed that word unto you. I had to walk away from the pulpit and the church entirely, in order to beContinue reading “KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE: Part 2- The True New Covenant”

“In Sickness and in Health” Is NOT Love

I have neglected my body in many ways, mainly because I came from Heaven down, and I was never that concerned with Earthly things. My mission, however, is to manifest Heaven in Earth, and that requires a healthy body This Friday will be the twenty-ninth anniversary of my being on dialysis. No one who hasContinue reading ““In Sickness and in Health” Is NOT Love”

KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 1: Sabbath Observance

The word Sabbath actually only means rest. However, must who participate in some sort of Sabbath observance never truly enter into the rest, because they only do no servile work. They continue to work their lusts, appetites, and desires, and these silence the voice of the Divine within all of us. I don’t relish theContinue reading “KEYS TO TRUE REPENTANCE Part 1: Sabbath Observance”

Your Freedom Isn’t Free

I began my journey as the abolitionist with the mindset that manumission was just gaining freedom from the religion, politics, and education I had been indoctrinated into. I thought that in shedding all their rules, I was FREE to fuck every woman who was sexually attracted to me. This was the pseudo-freedom I was preachingContinue reading “Your Freedom Isn’t Free”

Except You Enter In By The Door, You Are a Thief and a Robber

My friends, this is that generation of which it was spoken “men shall be lovers of themselves and money”. However, the self men are lovers of is the egoistic self. The True Self, the I AM presence that knows no separation from It which causes to exist, and is well acquainted with Heaven in Earth,Continue reading “Except You Enter In By The Door, You Are a Thief and a Robber”

Will You Be Made Whole?

The Shema, an ancient affirmation of the Hebrew culture, declares “Shema Yisra’el. Adonai Eloheinu. Adonai Echad. W’ahav’ta Adonai Eloheykha B’khal l’vav’kha uv’khal- naf’sh’kha uv’khal-m’odkha.” This literally translates to “Listen he who has strived with God and prevailed. It which causes to exist our power; It which causes to exist is one. And you shall loveContinue reading “Will You Be Made Whole?”

The Attachment of Connection

at·tach·ment /əˈtaCHmənt/ noun noun: attachment; plural noun: attachments affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something. “she felt a sentimental attachment to the place” an affectionate relationship between two people. “he formed an attachment with a young widow” con·nec·tion /kəˈnekSH(ə)n/ noun noun: connection; plural noun: connections; noun: connexion; plural noun: connexions a relationship in whichContinue reading “The Attachment of Connection”

The Power of Agreement

On retreat with Ascended Master Serapis Bey, who is the grand architect and master builder, he initiated me into a greater mystery of the 4 year, and its relationship to spiritual marriage and the New Earth. While the institution of marriage in the present, fallen system is one of human control, the true, Heavenly marriageContinue reading “The Power of Agreement”

When a Man (Divine Masculine) Loves a Woman (Divine Feminine) While I know there is a growing, righteous disdain for religion, too many have missed out on many precious truths because their hate for the church has blinded them to the mysteries contained within Biblical text. Of those records called the Gospels, John is actually the only one I give credence to, because whileContinue reading “When a Man (Divine Masculine) Loves a Woman (Divine Feminine)”

Be Sober (Pay Attention), For Your Adversary Roams Around As a Roaring Lion Seeking Whom He May Devour

Elohim is a Hebrew word, erroneously translated as the very modern term God. Elohim, however, is a plural word, which directly translates as powers (multiple), or collective of divine beings. Though the first presence of this word in the Hebrew mythos (which is not equivalent to fairy tale), known to most of you as TheContinue reading “Be Sober (Pay Attention), For Your Adversary Roams Around As a Roaring Lion Seeking Whom He May Devour”

God is Love, and Love is Exclusively Divine

Though this is originally meant to be an indictment against this society, this is as it is supposed to be. As a Divine Masculine being, I AM unconditional love. When I have found myself, I AM able to be the prophet I AM. A provider is indeed a prophet, as the word means to seeContinue reading “God is Love, and Love is Exclusively Divine”

Do You Know Yourself or Do You Know Only Who Have Been Taught To Be?

I remember being in love as a first grader. My mother and father both told me, at different times, that I could not love the girl, for I did not know her. That lesson has stuck with me throughout my entire lifetime. This knowledge has played an important role in my realization of self-love. ItContinue reading “Do You Know Yourself or Do You Know Only Who Have Been Taught To Be?”

Why Feminism Failed to Correct Misogyny

Within numerology, the first four numbers are all about the establishment of the self and the family unit. See 1-4 as a household. 1 is the number of the father. 2 is the number of the mother. 3 is the number of the child. 4 is the number of the home. 1 and 4 areContinue reading “Why Feminism Failed to Correct Misogyny”

Is It Faith or Foolishness?

How many of you have ever been admonished to believe patterns not potential or promises? Do you know that it is frequency and synchronicity, which are patterns, that lead to mastery? The religious concept of faith has had you waiting on some other lord to come save you for about two thousand years or more.Continue reading “Is It Faith or Foolishness?”

Why I AM Not Celebrating Kwanzaa

My ultimate mission as a sentient being is Tikkun Olam, which is the correction, restoration, and healing of The All. I recognize, however, that true Tikkun Olam is actually just Tikkun Nephesh of the collective. Tikkun Nephesh is the correction, restoration, and healing of the Soul: the self. It is imperative that all recognize thereContinue reading “Why I AM Not Celebrating Kwanzaa”

Self-Love and the Freedom of Personal Identity

In this culture, most attempt to view gender and sex interchangeably, while they are not synonymous. Your gender is determined by others at your inception, without your consent. Your sex, however, is something you must determine yourself. This society has a tendency to make too many things matters of sex and sexuality that are notContinue reading “Self-Love and the Freedom of Personal Identity”