Business or Pleasure?

⁣In the Helios Biblios, John 14:15 reads “If you have ahavah for me, you will be shomer mitzvot regarding my commandments.” I intentionally have shared it as it is rendered in the Orthodox Jewish Bible because it actually reveals more of the context of the verse than either the King James or New International versionsContinue reading “Business or Pleasure?”

You Are the Solution You Seek

⁣If you are looking for the savior of the world, search no farther than the nearest mirror. The culture isn’t changed by your elections, emotions, or evangelism. The world is healed by your example. As it is written, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Each link compromising our world is accountableContinue reading “You Are the Solution You Seek”

The Community of Church and State

⁣𝗴𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁 (𝗻.)⁣⁣late 14c., “act of governing or ruling;” 1550s, “system by which a thing is governed” (especially a state), from Old French governement “control, direction, administration” (Modern French gouvernement), from governer “to steer, be at the helm of; govern, rule, command, direct,” from Latin gubernare “to direct, rule, guide, govern,” originally “to steer, to pilot”(seeContinue reading “The Community of Church and State”

Who Dreams of Working?

⁣⁣I know that most people, when they read or hear the word domestication, immediately think of chattel slavery, but chattel slavery is only the most blatant, but least employed, form of domestication. Domestication is actually any attempt to subvert Nature by means of control. In sentient beings, reward and punishment are the tools of domestication.Continue reading “Who Dreams of Working?”

The Nature of Relationships

⁣This is not to take away anything at all from gender identity, nor gender equality. I actually wholeheartedly believe that gender identity is a reflection of individual Nature, which is borne from the heart and not the mind, and that, as it relates to vocation, women can do anything men can do, and should beContinue reading “The Nature of Relationships”

Ain’t No Real Martyrs Bihh!

⁣I should first explain what it actually means to be a Master/Mistress, Lord/Lady. Let us examine how university education actually gives us a clear picture of the purpose of true education as it pertains to life. There are four basic types of degrees one can earn from college.⁣⁣The first degree level is the associates. AnContinue reading “Ain’t No Real Martyrs Bihh!”

Understanding in LOVE

Most people fail to see how understanding is the most significant, voluntary manifestation of LOVE. Our natural, Divine state is LOVE. From our incarnation, LOVE is who we are. It is not until domestication overtakes us that we forget who we are, and begin to conform to the lies projected onto us by our variousContinue reading “Understanding in LOVE”

The Domestication of History

Those who are ignorant of their own autonomous significance seek validation in group association. History is typically written by either those who have no concept of their Highest Selves, or those who sympathize with groups of people who portray themselves as victims. Masters have no need for history to justify their Self-worth. All the evidenceContinue reading “The Domestication of History”

The Good Life (Well Below the Federal Poverty Level)

$814 That’s my monthly income. That’s a fixed amount. Yep. You read it right. Yes, I live in the United States of America. Yes, it is 2021. Now, don’t read that as a pull on your heart strings necessarily. I AM sharing this so that you might get a deeper look into my life. IContinue reading “The Good Life (Well Below the Federal Poverty Level)”

Control, Debt, and Judgment

Control is the most subtle ulterior motive known to man. It is control that keeps us from being able to perfectly LOVE. We desire as humans to control practically everything in our lives including the way others perceive us. It is this innate desire to control that gives rise to the ideas of debt andContinue reading “Control, Debt, and Judgment”

The Mystery of Adam in the Mission of Man

Healthy relationships require consistency of presence, primarily on the part of the Divine Masculine. Presence is not just being there, but being full, attentive, responsive, and mission-minded while there. Most couples are only a couple because the individuals lack Self-LOVE, and thus hope to be validated through their relationships. They marry without knowledge of Self,Continue reading “The Mystery of Adam in the Mission of Man”

LOVE Is a Seed Before It Is Ever a Fruit

At their core, even all of my Mommy issues are actually Daddy issues. However, it was my own Father who helped me heal my Mommy issues, even from the ancestral realm. Raw Material doesn’t become problematic until it is used abnormally to reveal a Pattern to the world. Again, Fathers give significance and Mothers nurture.Continue reading “LOVE Is a Seed Before It Is Ever a Fruit”

The Restoration of the Sacred Energy eXchange

I remember taking World Civilization as an elective in college. Something that stood out to me is how differently sex is viewed in tribal culture. In much of the East, it is perceived as completely natural, rather than taboo as it is in the West. In some tribes, especially those who commonly dwell in huts,Continue reading “The Restoration of the Sacred Energy eXchange”

Conscious New Year

So… All the pseudo-conscious folks are started early about the “fake new year”, and I think it’s time we address it. I say pseudo-conscious, because real consciousness is the recognition of Inherent Divinity and Infinite Oneness. Consciousness is a beyond the veil experience, where duality is understood as an illusion. If you truly understood creationContinue reading “Conscious New Year”

The Beauty of Unbecoming

Once you realize that רוח הקודש/Άγιο Πνεύμα (Ruach H’qodesh/Hagios Pneuma), what you know as Holy Spirit, is more literally breath or influence unlike any other breath or influence, you will stop thinking that what the “Holy Spirit” gave another was meant to bind you. Understanding that Moshe spent forty days and forty nights ALONE onContinue reading “The Beauty of Unbecoming”

Significance Not Representation

I understand that I AM to be the righteous representation before my children. If they don’t believe they can by my righteous example, I have just sold them into a broken system. One thing I never aspired to be as a boy was president. What I did want to be is compassionate, benevolent, and family-centered.Continue reading “Significance Not Representation”

What If Racism Really Isn’t?

I asked a question yesterday, “What does racist mean?” After meditating on the answers I received, and considering, without prejudice, the events of recent years in this nation, I realize that racism really isn’t real. The United States doesn’t have a racism problem. Humans have a fear problem, and that fear problem leads to theContinue reading “What If Racism Really Isn’t?”

Restoring Peace on Earth

Religion is what you get when men and women forsake Self-mastery, and prioritize ruling others over disciplined living. The ancients were Masters, but were later replaced with pastors. Now just look at us: the world begs for slaveholders in 2020, and tries to justify one evil taskmaster over the other. Before there were any holyContinue reading “Restoring Peace on Earth”

The Blessing of Stillness

Meditation is the foundational discipline that doesn’t draw a great following. No one wants to be discipled. They all want to delve into their Akashic Records, receive a Numerology Reading, have a Tarot card session, or understand their Natal Chart though. The key to Self-mastery is in present mindfulness; just being content in the moment.Continue reading “The Blessing of Stillness”

Focused Attention Asserts the Meaning of Life

Every day, our senses present new opportunities for our expansion. The stimuli we take in through the senses are conducted by the mind, body, and spirit to alter our emotional, physical and spiritual realities. This is why it is so important to be mindful of where we maintain our focus.  Attention is the most valuableContinue reading “Focused Attention Asserts the Meaning of Life”

Parenting and Reparenting

Generational curses are really nothing more than one generation’s refusal to heal the brokenness passed on from the previous generation. It’s not a matter of inherent iniquity as religion portrays it, but a condition of repeated behaviors learned from those who came before. The admonition to the Father that he should train up a ladContinue reading “Parenting and Reparenting”

Overcoming the Heart of Fear to Restore Community

This is actually one of the most difficult tasks set before us in this life. We have been indoctrinated from birth to view others as competition. The Cabal have established this entire world system on ideas of external validation. Even the school systems are founded upon the illusion and lie that you must be betterContinue reading “Overcoming the Heart of Fear to Restore Community”

Kabbalat Shabbat

I was asked by my Beloved “What is Kabbalat Shabbat?”, and I discovered in answering her that this is a beautiful lesson of the connection between בראשית (Bereshit/Genesis) chapters 1 and 2, מִשְלֵי (Mishlei/Proverbs) 18:22, and מִשְלֵי (Proverbs) 31:10-31 (especially vv 11, 12, and 23). Kabbalat Shabbat means “receiving of the Sabbath (or rest fromContinue reading “Kabbalat Shabbat”

The Mystery of the Alabaster Box

The Darkness of Deception Where TNK and Epistle are not in agreement, do you esteem Epistle above the testimony of יהוה (It which causes to exist; the “Lᴏʀᴅ”) Itself? Do you attempt to force their fitting? Do you adjust your beliefs to align with the truth of the Divine Parent? Understand that it is easy,Continue reading “The Mystery of the Alabaster Box”

Why Is The Love Of Money The Root Of All Evil?

Before I can even begin to adequately address this topic, I feel it utterly essential for us to look at the definition of the word root. There are two common usages of the English word root, though they are actually intricately connected. 1. the part of a plant which attaches it to the ground orContinue reading “Why Is The Love Of Money The Root Of All Evil?”

What Has Your Tribulation Brought You?

I see a lot of people talking would’ve, could’ve, should’ve about their past experiences, and how they perceive things would be different. It is this longing that is keeping you from your Christic fulfillment. As you keep talking of how much further along you would be if you put yourself first, you are planting theContinue reading “What Has Your Tribulation Brought You?”

The Duality Deception

Oh how my heart doth bleed for the state of humanity. I see those who present teachings openly that defy scientific accountability, and even perpetuate human irresponsibility. God and satan are not one in the sense the dualists make them out to be. Even in duality, a simple understanding of Physics reveals to you thatContinue reading “The Duality Deception”

Why Aren’t Marriages Lasting As Long Anymore?

A Goddess posed the question on her Facebook profile, “Why aren’t marriages lasting as long anymore?” I felt I could better address this topic here on my own platform. Though this is not an exhaustive revelation of the truth surrounding this subject, I hope it gives you a foundation for understanding. I will soon doContinue reading “Why Aren’t Marriages Lasting As Long Anymore?”

The Kingdom is Accountability

The New Covenant (i.e. New Testament) of the Divine Life Force energy most call God is not a matter of belief in the person of Jesus. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The Nazarene Master was the prototype of the New Covenant experience. Be no longer deceived by the lies of the Cabal, whoContinue reading “The Kingdom is Accountability”

Restoring the Mother Flame

For the ancients, a woman only left her Father’s house to go to the home prepared for her by her husband. This wasn’t misogyny or patriarchy, except that some cultures actually abused women. This was a defense, with an acute understanding of the Divine principles of masculinity and femininity. By design, the Divine Feminine isContinue reading “Restoring the Mother Flame”

Lift “HIM” Up

Here’s a song for you… Lift Him Up by Hezekiah Walker ⁣You must first understand that the “HIM” mentioned is not actually a “HIM” at all. “HIM” is the common way for the finite human mind to process the existence of the Infinite Source of All, which is the Divine Presence within you, evenContinue reading “Lift “HIM” Up”

The Devil in the Details

⁣ The church has preached for years that the devil’s most effective way to win is to convince people he doesn’t exist. Think about how silly that sounds. There is hardly anyone who isn’t aware of the conceptual existence of a devil. If you pay attention to both the church and to the spiritual community,Continue reading “The Devil in the Details”

Do You Choose Life?

⁣Even the average vegan, as plant-based eating has gone mainstream, lives to eat. The vast majority of the human herbivore population does so, nobly, out of concern for the Earth and the creatures dwelling within Earth. Those who choose a plant-based lifestyle for health, though, still usually only do for the purpose of preventing orContinue reading “Do You Choose Life?”

Healing Hatred

⁣Hatred, as a manifestation of fear, was presented to man by the “serpent”. Man chose to fear that the God within us was withholding from us that which is actually inherent within us, all at the suggestion of a creature we were accountable for subduing and having dominion over.⁣⁣While the concept of “Mother Earth” isContinue reading “Healing Hatred”

Self-Love vs Love of Self

⁣You should know this, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at the I AM presence, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they willContinue reading “Self-Love vs Love of Self”